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Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Mediterranean Basin and almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Southern Europe and Anatolia, on the south by North Africa, and on the east by the Levant

The rule of thumb for early and late season sailing is simple - head south! We define early season as April and May and late season from mid September through to the end of October. From June to mid-September is the summer season, where we'd expect the weather to be fantastic right the way through. November to March is out of season, when you should perhaps go skiing! 1. All of Turkey With our general 'rule of thumb' in mind, all of our Turkey sailing areas are good bets for early and late in the season. Being the most southern of our areas, Turkey enjoys warm weather from April right through to the end of October. Expect temperatures in the mid 20s in April and October, though it does cool at night a bit. 2. Cyclades Islands, Greece Early and late season is the best time to sail the Cyclades Islands in Greece. Due to their central location in the Aegean they can get windy during the peak summer months. However, the Meltemi wind is not as prevalent early and late season which makes the Cyclades a top bet.

 It's a long way south so expect great weather too. 3. The Rest of Greece Again, the rest of Greece is relatively far south, meaning that early and late season still offers warm and sunny weather. Perhaps the exception is the Sporades Islands, but the Ionian, Saronic and Dodecanese are all fantastic. Bear in mind that in early season the water tends to be chilly, but in late season the summer heat still remains. 4. Sicily, Italy The island of Sicily in the very south of Italy lies on the same latitude as the Ionian and Saronic Islands of Greece and therefore enjoys the same warmer weather early and late in the summer season. Unlike Greece and Turkey however, the holiday may be somewhat intrepid as some shops and restaurants will be closed. 5. Amalfi Coast, Italy Also our most romantic destination, the Amalfi Coast is a lovely sailing destination for couples, groups and families. Comprised of a collection of small Italian towns and villages, you'll love exploring this wonderfully authentic sailing area.  

With gorgeous sunshine, clear azure waters and a wealth of culture, the Mediterranean is one of the world’s best places to enjoy the pleasures of a yacht charter. Whether you choose to go for a motor yacht or sailing yacht, or decide to enjoy the independence of a bareboat yacht, you can find the perfect destination for you. Read on to discover some of the finest locations across the Mediterranean to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. French Riviera Glamour France’s southern coast is a legendary playground for lovers of luxury and style – and has long enjoyed a reputation of unparalleled glamour. And the best way to experience all of its heady delights? A charter yacht down this wonderful stretch of the Mediterranean. A relaxing sail on a bareboat yacht is one of the best ways to discover all of the treasures on offer – head to Nice for the tranquil and buoyant atmosphere, or go for full-on glitz at St Tropez. Sun-drenched Spain The glorious coast of Spain is perfect for sun worshippers who want to enjoy the country’s famously relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by beautiful beaches, clear waters, and a laid-back but never dull nightlife scene. 

Head out to the Balearic Islands by sail or motor yacht, where you can soak up the sun by day and party in style through the night – or simply enjoy the wonderfully fresh flavours of the local food and wine. 

Pleasure seeking in Italy Italy has long been a popular destination for yachting – in fact the tradition stretches back to the Roman era! 

And when you experience the beautiful white-sand beaches, secluded coves and pleasurable sailing, it’s not hard to see why. 

A Turkish gullet is a great choice of yacht when you want to make the most of your Italian experience – as replicas of Turkish trade ships, they are often smaller and can be chartered whole, making them ideal for a private escape. 

Nature and history in the Greek Islands As one of the world’s oldest civilisations, Greece retains a truly magical spirit of culture and heritage, and sailing across the beautiful dark blue waters is an experience to savour. 

 As one of the most sought out locations for both sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts, here you can experience the treasure trove of the Greek islands, enjoying delicious Greek wine and food, listening to relaxing music and immersing yourself in the islands’ full charisma. Spectacular Turkey Boasting more coastline than any other location, Turkey is one of the most incredible and popular places to sail in across the Mediterranean. Here, you can really get to know all that this wonderful region has to offer – from the diverse and stunning natural landscape, to the fascinating and profound history. Choose a bareboat or Turkish gullet yacht to make the most of your time here, as you explore the many beautiful ports across the country’s coast. Idyllic Sailing in Croatia Known by many as the ‘coast of a thousand islands’, Croatia offers a lavish and enchanting experience, where you can enjoy idyllic conditions, while soaking up all that it has to offer, with pristine seas, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Being easy to navigate than many other destinations, this is an especially popular location for bareboat yacht charters. 

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