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Enjoy the dazzling Turquoise Coast from the deck of your yacht

Navigate in Turkey, generally from Bodrum, and experience an unforgettable cruise. You can also rent a boat from Gocek or Marmaris or even Fethiye to head towards the islands of Dodecanese, which provides a wide variety of architectural styles, influenced by both the culture of the east and the west. Gulet rentals are very popular in Turkey. Renters and agencies offer tailor-made cruises in gulets: cabin rental, charter, complete pension cruise, you will no doubt find the option of your dreams. Enjoy the dazzling Turquoise Coast from the deck of your yacht. Remember, this is where the color turquoise got its name from. Get ready to be amazed from the beauty of the scenery and recharge your batteries in exquisite surroundings. Time will pause as you dive into the crystal clear waters or while you explore the ancient ruins of sunken cities. Have an unobstructed front-row seat to some of the world's greatest sunsets. Indulge yourself. You are worth it. While on sailing holidays in Turkey, the first desire is to sip the sun and the sea to the fullest, while exploring idyllic coastal towns and remote islands. Yet, one of our favorite parts of sailing holidays is getting off the boat and making the most out of our destinations. Fethiye offers a wealth of amazing places to visit! Let's explore the top things to do in Fethiye while on Turkish sailing holidays:

Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz Beach) An unspoilt paradise, spectacularly embraced by mountains brimming with pine trees, plunging right into the azure blue sea. Enjoy swimming in the dazzling waters of the lagoon, sail your boat to the pretty beach of Butterfly Valley, boost your adrenaline with extreme sports such as Paragliding, Parasailing and many more or less extreme activities. Butterfly Bay Enveloped by mountains forming a breathtaking canyon and accessible only by boat, the butterfly bay is a spot of striking beauty in the Turkish Riviera.

 A wide line of golden sandy beach stretching before the Butterfly Valley, a sanctuary for numerous butterfly species, create a unique paradise for nature lovers and paradise seekers. 

Approaching by foot you’ll get spectacular views of the sands, which lie between two towering cliffs like the body of a butterfly. Gemiler island The real hometown of Santa Claus! A scenic, unspoilt location packed with c.1,500 year old Byzantine remains, to wander along and time travel. Also known as “St Nicolas island”, it is named after the saint that lived here and originated the stories of Santa Claus. At sunset, the views from the top of the hill of the bay of Karacorean are spectacular, not to be missed. Lycian Rock Tombs Impressively carved into the cliff face above Fethiye town, the Lycian Rock Tombs is a spectacular landmark, especially when approaching by boat. Get off the boat and climb the stone stairs to reach the highest tomb, the tomb of Amyntas. The walk may be challenging, but the panoramic view of Fethiye town from uphill couldn’t be more rewarding! Yassica Aladari (Pancake Islands) Delightfully tiny, remote island gems to explore one by one, as if you were candy tasting! Lined with a long, golden sandy line that stretches to a perfect turquoise bay, swimming from one to another islet is conveniently easy. 

With the closest distance between them being only 12 meters, one needs less than half an hour to enjoy an island hopping swimming tour! Sailing Holidays from Marmaris Depart the lively tourist town to find peace and tranquility Marmaris is a lively tourist city that delivers striking contrast to the remarkably undeveloped Carian Coast to which it provides access. Leave the hustle and bustle of Marmaris' bars, beaches and markets behind as you sail the idyllic Carian Coast it's with serene swimming spots, authentic quayside restaurants, lovely sailing breezes, and as always, numerous heritage sites to discover.  

Alternatively, if you want to do something different, sail to Dalyan on the Turquoise Coast to view ancient tombs cut into the cliffs, feed loggerhead turtles and bathe in thermal mud baths. From its position straddling both the Carian and Turquoise Coasts, the choice is yours. Of course if you're lucky enough to be on a two week sailing holiday, do both! The Sailing Area The typical sailing holiday from Marmaris is to sail the length of the Bozburun Peninsula, pass between the mainland and the Greek island of Symi and then emerge into the wonderful Yesilova and Hisronu Bays. While Marmaris, as mentioned, is a busy tourist city, these gulfs enjoy a far more serene and peaceful disposition, primarily due to the long distance to any airport. Within these gulfs are numerous anchorages and small villages, complimented by a couple of slightly larger settlements at Datca and Selimiye. The 'name of the game' here is serene swimming spots, authentic quayside restaurants, lovely sailing breezes, and as always, numerous heritage sites to walk and discover. Recommended Spots View our suggested itineraries for specifics, but be sure to visit Serce Limani, Bozuk Buku, Sailor's Paradise, Selimiye, Datca and some of the lovely anchorages (many without names) along the Datca Peninsula as well. As a special treat, the Greek island of Symi is divine and well worth a visit. As it is a Greek Island however, there is some red tape that must be navigated. Our recommendation is to visit Panormitis on the south west coast and catch a shuttle over the Symi town. You'll need to get a taxi back. MARMARIS The lively tourist town of Marmaris is of stark contrast to the rest of the serene and beautiful Carian Coast The summer season is the longest of any of our sailing areas, with good weather and warm temperatures from late April right through to the start of November Expect small villages, quayside restaurant bays, serene swimming spots and discover numerous heritage sites  

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