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Unbelievably living aboard a yacht for a two week holiday is not everyone’s cup of tea! 

We understand, and feel this should not put you off a sailing holiday. Sail and Stay is the option for you. Why not combine a week sailing with a second week spent relaxing at one of our selected hotels, apartment complexes or private villas. 

On a sail and stay holiday you can decide whether you wish to sail the first week and relax around the pool the second week or reverse the option. A weeks flotilla sailing coupled with a relaxing hotel stay makes a perfect holiday prospect. 

We offer a variety of villa and hotel accommodation along the enchanting coast of Mediterranean Sea.Turkey, on the Islands  of Greece as  well as along the Croatia coast, amongst and the larger islands in Croatia.and in France along the Cote A'zur, Italy and Spain. So if you're considering a sail and stay break, why not talk to us at Sun Yacht Charter. You may want to try your hand at water sports that are easier to arrange at a hotel rather than from your yacht, such as dinghy sailing, windsurfing or scuba diving. You may want time to just relax by the pool, on the beach or in the hotel spa. You may want to explore a local attractions before you fly home. 

We offer a selection of beach hotels in Greece, Turkey, Croatia,Italy, France, Spain and throughout the Caribbean.   

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